Get your Parisian knit on! – La Droguerie

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a big knitter. I love the process of creating cloth that will eventually become a garment, choosing the yarn, working up the stitch pattern, watching the piece grow after hours/days/weeks of labor. It’s immensely satisfying and theraputic for me. Luckily, I’ve always been surrounded by yarn shops, be it the small shop on the square of my college’s town or the shop where my Mom works. Mom is a knitwear designer, so we’re always on the lookout for LYS (local yarn shop) love. Now, whenever I visit a new city, I look up what yarn shops are in the area and make a point of visiting them. It’s always exciting to see different shops and look at any local wares. Moreover, there is something immensely and universally comforting about a shop full of wool and color.

Naturally, my mom and I researched some local yarn shops prior to visiting Paris and one of my highest priorities was La Droguerie. And after 3 months, my curiosity and yarn lust grew to an unavoidable level and I meandered over to the shop. As luck would have it, it’s located right by Etienne Marcel, near Joe Allen’s (the restaurant where we feasted for Thanksgiving) and Le Café (a place where I go with friends for tea, conversation, and a fun atmosphere). All this boded well and I was very excited to check out this store.

The first thing that struck me upon walking in was: COLOR, WARMTH, WOMEN WITH GREAT FASHION. Knitters have a slightly homespun spin to their wardrobes (especially since one fiber art usually leads to others – like weaving or sewing), and many pull the look off very tastefully. It felt so good to be back among a familiar crowd.The second thing that struck me, however, was that this wasn’t just a yarn shop. Quite the contrary – this is heaven for any crafty lady. Seriously, this place has EVERYTHING – fabric, yarn, buttons, beads and ribbons galore! Purchasing things is quite simple – you browse their enormous selection of materials, specify what you want (and how much of it) to one of the hip and helpful employees, and pay at the desk. You can get almost any supply you can think of there. And if the selection is overwhelming the store is well-stocked with patterns and kits! The kits were especially cool – stocked with all the necessary materials and instructions, including a timeline for how long the project should take you. Clever, no?

Naturally, as this isn’t exclusively a yarn store, the yarn selection isn’t quite as diverse as I’d have hoped. In fact, La Droguerie doesn’t actually carry any specific yarn brands. Rather it caries different types of yarn (different blends at different weights) in a variety of colors. Types of fiber and color are specified with the price. So, for those of you serious knitters who were hoping for some European brand-name yarns, this is not your shop. That said, they did have some lovely yarn – I found a silk/alpaca blend that was to die for! And, as I said, they have a ton of patterns for sale, with samples all over the wall. I also spied needles and other knitting accessories if customs confiscated yours when crossing the pond.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give La Droguerie a serious thumbs up! It’s lovely with a helpful staff and inspiration everywhere you look. I would definitely go if you are on the verge of finishing a project. You can find everything – fabric for lining, beads for added decor, buttons, and ribbons to reinforce seams. I haven’t seen such a good selection in a long time. So…”All the crafty ladies, all the crafty ladies,” go to this store (you too crafty gents).

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