Harmonica + Marimba

Last term Carleton began inviting musicians to the campus to play during common time (noon-1pm) in Sayles, the campus center. They brought three musicians over the course of the term, all three of which had very different styles and musical backgrounds. Personally, I thought that this was an inspired decision, as it gives the students more entertainment in a quotidien way.

The first invitee was Noah Hoehn, multi-instrument and one-man show, mixing new blues and marimba pop for a fantastic and original sound. He’s one of the most innovative performers I’ve encountered, mixing his love of harmonica and marimba with fantastic vocals for unique compositions. He also created his own intricate looping system, dubbed “The Mothership”, that allows him to combine numerous percussive and melodic elements AND sing at the same time. Both his covers and his original compositions were performed with incredible energy and his individual style distinguished him from anyone I’ve ever heard.

loved his performance and his intrepid genre-bending attitude towards music. He was also very relatable and personable, agreeing to chat with me about his work and his experiences. Thanks to a bad job interview experience after college, he has decided to commit himself fully to music and is interested in exploring further the link between music and technology — aiming to eventually create a multi-media performance. He also told me that he recently reached his goal on his Kickstarter program, so an album will be forthcoming! Until then, check out his website and keep an eye out for him! If he’s ever near you, I highly recommend going to watch him play — you’ll be hard pressed to find anything like him.

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