April 9th

Man, the fair weather days just keep on coming. Today was filled with lovely hours outside, some time in a local park with some of my students, and errands. I also was surprised with a large protest in my neighborhood as I exited the metro. I never actually figured out exactly what it was for…I saw signs for several different groups including the Young Communist Movement, but basically tried to zip across the street and get home as quickly as possible since I was tired from my day.

Perhaps the best feature of the day, however, happened when I found a lovely bouquet of cheaply priced flowers AND…a mega-strawberry score—5 euros for a HUGE crate. I’m in heaven. With the springy weather has come an inordinate appetite for fruit so I’ll be happily munching away on berry goodness all weekend! Seriously though, 5 euros for that many strawberries? I love you Franprix.


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