Rentrée & Picnic

It’s that time again: time for my annual welcome back to Paris and the crazy life post. I know things have grown rather uncommunicative around here…it’s truly been la grande sieste, and while I cannot promise that I will do better or apologize for last year, I can say that I am excited to be back and have another adventure. And maybe this year, I’ll be better at telling you all about what I get up to.

One of the greatest aspects of this trip, however, is the sense of security I feel. As I begin my second consecutive year in the City of Lights I can’t help but feel more sure of myself and my place in this city. Navigating is a breeze and I’m approaching the overwhelming bureaucracy with a calm attitude I would have found baffling last fall. I now know that (as the French say) “tout s’arrange.” Everything will work out. So I don’t stress as much. But there are the inevitable stresses about a new year and the financial struggles that this magnificent city brings. Expect lots of “how to attempt to save cash” posts in this space in the coming months. Which, if you can do while looking fabulous is really what Paris is all about, right?

So, what does an expat do when she first gets back to Paris? She has a picnic, of course! And maybe some dessert too, but I’ll save that for later. Nothing terribly fancy, just a galette jambon fromage from my favorite crêperie. And a bottle of fizzy water. Eaten, bien sûr at the Luxembourg Gardens. Bliss. 


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