Spring Break 2013: Amherst BBQ

After my days in New York, I hopped on a bus and rode (for approximately 6 hours) to visit a good friend in Amherst, Massachusetts. As some of you may remember, I met S in Paris, and we’ve been sorely missing each other since our fond farewells last December. As luck would have it, Amherst  has the same break as Carleton, so I got to spend a few days sleeping on her floor and exploring small town, western Massachusetts. We had a blast and spent our days catching up and reminiscing about Paris while knitting, watching old Disney movies, and eating.

Naturally, our first stop was food. I’d been on a bus all day and S, despite her size, has an enormous appetite. So, we piled into the car and headed to one of her favorite joints — Bub’s BBQ. Continue reading