Pâtisserie Pilgrimage – bread & roses

IMG_3273This is another unofficial pâtisserie pilgrimage as it was not on my original “visit” list and I did not intend to order a pastry when I sat down. That said, when a friend and I were looking to get a cup of coffee/tea, we quickly headed over to this cute café. It’s just ’round the corner from the Alliance Française and the Sweet Briar office, so it was a convenient place to go after we had finished morning classes and meetings with professors. Continue reading

Un petit bonheur

I’ve now been in Tours for over a week and finished my first week of classes. This means, of course, that my time in the Loire Valley is quickly drawing to a close (we leave Friday), but it also means that I’ve begun to develop a routine and have come to appreciate “la vie quotidienne” here. So I thought I’d share one of my favorite things about Tours with you.

Life moves a lot slower here, and it’s very much about les petits bonheurs. Café culture is a perfect example of that. Continue reading