Parisian keepsakes

I’ve been missing Paris a lot lately. Talking with friends from the program, I think we all are. At some level it feels like a distant dream that is impossible to reach or recover. On the other hand, it feels tantalizingly close, like we can blink and be back among the boulevards and boulangéries.

So, although it’s no anniversary or anything special, I thought I’d share a list of some of my favorite finds in Paris. I never did much shopping, but here are some of the things I decided were too special to give up entirely: Continue reading

Nice Nourriture

One last post about Nice! I swear I’ll make it quick, but the food was so incredible in this town that I just had to share.

Friday night we had a reservation for dinner at Chez Acchiardo – a restaurant specializing in “Nissarde” cuisine located on Rue Droite in Vieux Nice, so we all splurged a little bit and got a nice dinner. NB. when I say splurge, it’s as a poor college student, for most of the world this is a very reasonably priced restaurant for the quality of food you get – which was delicious. Continue reading

Discovery at the Abbey

A few weeks ago, if you had asked me about Mont St. Michel, I would have pretty much yawned at it. I mean, c’mon, the place is a big castle on the ocean. So what? And yeah, supposedly it’s beautiful, and also one of the most touristy spots in France. I have a real aversion to touristy spots. Maybe someday I’ll realize that tourists visit places for reasons? Or that I am a tourist too? Continue reading

Cours de Cuisine!!

During our stay in Tours we were allowed to sign up for several different extracurricular cultural courses, and one of the most popular was the “Cours de Cuisine” (cooking class). Well, it certainly was with me. I feel like I need to take as many cooking courses in Paris as possible. It’s an odd sort of obligation, but when else will I be in a country so preoccupied with food and cooking? Not to mention the fact that I totally want to channel Julia Child. And I feel like it’d be great to go home and make Mom a feast of fine French food. So, Continue reading