ANNOUNCEMENTS! (that rock my world)

So I have some news. Big news. I mean really really big news. Lifechangingly big news. I….


Sorry for the all-caps but that is my excitement level. Especially because I didn’t just get a job anywhere, but in PARIS.

Remember how much you love me?

Remember all the love?

I am so thrilled that I’ll have the chance to go back to one of my favorite cities next year. Feeling so very very lucky. I’ll be teaching English, and apparently we have significant time off which will mean LOTS of time to find adventures and type them up for you. I’m so very excited to embark on this experience and share it with you. Not to mention this blog will be so much better. Small town Minnesota has not proved to be the most inspiring travel blogging environment for me.

I love you Minnesota but there are only so many pictures of snow worth sharing...

I love you Minnesota but there are only so many pictures of snow worth sharing…

So that’s the new big thing in my life. Although I do like to keep busy, as you all know well. I’ve posted several more times in the Local Current blog…which has been exciting and fun for me…if not a little bit terrifying. I also got to go up to their offices a few weeks ago for a “training day”. It was amazing. First of all — prettiest workspace ever. I can has job please? (I would share pictures but I thought that taking them during the tour would be weird and creepy…people trying to work, and all.) Anyways the day was absolutely wonderful. I met my editor—who is the best person in the world. I know…I’m crazy lucky to have such a great/loveable editor. I also met a lot of the really amazing staff and directors of the station, including Barb Abney (!) who is totally my favorite dj. Oh, and I met lots of other super cool young music journalists, who make my writing attempts look amateur and who are totally going to run the world someday. I also met Jim DeRogatis…and got to hear people drop all of the “Almost Famous” references. It was beautiful.

Otherwise, not much else to report, other than the fact that I am well aware of the incredible dip in blogging lately. I feel confident, however, that next year will be much better for my online presence. The absence of obligatory 15 page research papers is BOUND to leave more time and energy for internet word vomiting.

In the meantime, what’s up with you? If you’re still around? I feel like it’s been so long that you all will have flown the coop by now. But if you didn’t, leave a comment and tell me about the new things in your life! You all are so cool!



Update: Back in the U.S. of A. (with pictures!)

But my goodness it has been a long time! Sorry that I kind of disappeared there – true to my prediction my final days were very full and I’ve been busy ever since arriving back for the holidays. I’ll try and get some posts up about my final days in Paris soon, but for now I thought I’d catch you up on my life. As you can see from the title, I am back home. Well, not home exactly. Instead of going back to small-town Indiana I met the fam in Vermont. It has been totally idyllic and the perfect reentry space after France. On the first day back I went into Montepelier with the family to do some last minute Christmas shopping. All day we were greeted by happy locals and I loved all the cozy shop interiors (the small Celtic music group playing in the bagel shop totally tugged my heartstrings). Continue reading

On the Kindness of Strangers

I am on the metro. I got on at Saint-Lazare. The train is packed and I was shoved aside last minute by some irksome women who insisted on entering the train first. They totally blocked the way of those trying to exit – not cool. I am standing in the middle of the car.  The man next to me smells of b.o. and I pay attention to my surroundings to distract myself and avoid looking disgusted. I look for the women and hope the pushy older one didn’t get a seat. I know she must have though. I cannot see her and she has age as an advantage. The other woman is standing. Continue reading

Marriage frères

IMG_3646One of my intrepid friends convinced me that we needed a break from our work (or lack thereof) and that we should take it by visiting Mariage Frères one of the oldest tea salons in Paris. It was founded in 1854 by brothers Henri and Édouard Mariage (hence the name) and is one of the most celebrated tea salons in the city. There are currently 4 different salons in the city (the original being in the Marais). While other tea salons (like Angelina) are known for their wide assortment of teas, pastries, and beverages, Mariage Frères’ claim to fame is TEA. As in, you should be prepared for an overwhelming choice of teas and have some general idea of what you want before you go. I have never seen such an impressive menu as I did there. It’s is organized by regions, times of day, type, etc. Continue reading

Found: the Lost Generation’s favorite restaurant (and mine too)

The other night a friend and I (after many days of not seeing each other) decided that we needed to meet up. What better way to do that than over a lovely dinner?

The original plan was for moroccan food (a cuisine which I have been craving of late). I looked up a restaurant, told her when to meet, and after wrestling over whether to make reservation decided that we’d probably be fine. We were going at eight! No worries, right? Continue reading

Have yourself a merry little day trip – Reims

I’ve been delaying this post for about a full week now. The trip to Reims was wonderful – a day long extravaganza payed for by the program. It was so lovely and I have so much to say, that I … Continue reading

Literary Sophistication – Gagliani Bookshop

IMG_3601The other day a couple of friends and I stumbled upon this bookstore post-tea at Angelina’s. Unable to resist its warm, beckoning glow we hurried inside and were soon exclaiming over the beautiful books it held. Claiming to be the “first english bookshop established on the continent,” this bookstore is beautiful with a wide selection of American, English, and French works. The Gagliani family has always been busy in the book business – publishing works as early as 1520 (it was a Latin grammar book). Here’s a bit of history from their website: Continue reading

Let me hear you sing, hey ya hey ya! – First Aid Kit Concert

first_aid_kit_the_lions_roarSince coming to France, I have made a tight group of friends who have remarkably good taste in music. I think all of us have bonded over this taste, many seeking solace in folk and Americana music at our most homesick moments. Thus I was introduced to First Aid Kit by a very dear friend. The introduction came, as some of you may remember, right before my trip to Normandie and I listened to them and sang their songs the entire trip. To this day I think of the bluffs of Pointe du Hoc and the Norman countryside when I hear “The Lion’s Roar.” (I can’t say the same for “Emmylou” as I now associate it with Continue reading