Parisian keepsakes

I’ve been missing Paris a lot lately. Talking with friends from the program, I think we all are. At some level it feels like a distant dream that is impossible to reach or recover. On the other hand, it feels tantalizingly close, like we can blink and be back among the boulevards and boulangéries.

So, although it’s no anniversary or anything special, I thought I’d share a list of some of my favorite finds in Paris. I never did much shopping, but here are some of the things I decided were too special to give up entirely: Continue reading

On leaving Paris…

I’ve avoided posting this for a few weeks…well, close to a month now. At first I didn’t want to write about the trip home because it felt too close. Also I was so busy with Christmas and hanging with the fam that I didn’t really have time. Then I got back to school and was swept up in the current of seeing old friends, making new ones, and keeping up with the enormous loads of work. Now, finally, I have made the time to write about coming home. It feels so far away, but I’ve been feeling sentimental lately, so what the heck. Continue reading