Parisian keepsakes

I’ve been missing Paris a lot lately. Talking with friends from the program, I think we all are. At some level it feels like a distant dream that is impossible to reach or recover. On the other hand, it feels tantalizingly close, like we can blink and be back among the boulevards and boulangéries.

So, although it’s no anniversary or anything special, I thought I’d share a list of some of my favorite finds in Paris. I never did much shopping, but here are some of the things I decided were too special to give up entirely: Continue reading

Even the smallest macaron can change the course of an evening.

I was having a moment of despair and self loathing. I let myself spend all day frittering away time in the company of friends, and then surfing – reading inspiring blogs of other travelers and writers. Then I started looking at internship applications and stressed about how I really needed to start working on my résumé and the many cover letters, and the applications wherein I write about why this specific opportunity would be invaluable. Then I looked at course selections and realized that I was very mixed up and NOT going to be able to take a creative nonfiction workshop before I graduated, and things started to spiral out of control. Continue reading

Pâtisserie Pilgrimage – bread & roses

IMG_3273This is another unofficial pâtisserie pilgrimage as it was not on my original “visit” list and I did not intend to order a pastry when I sat down. That said, when a friend and I were looking to get a cup of coffee/tea, we quickly headed over to this cute café. It’s just ’round the corner from the Alliance Française and the Sweet Briar office, so it was a convenient place to go after we had finished morning classes and meetings with professors. Continue reading