Nice Nourriture

One last post about Nice! I swear I’ll make it quick, but the food was so incredible in this town that I just had to share.

Friday night we had a reservation for dinner at Chez Acchiardo – a restaurant specializing in “Nissarde” cuisine located on Rue Droite in Vieux Nice, so we all splurged a little bit and got a nice dinner. NB. when I say splurge, it’s as a poor college student, for most of the world this is a very reasonably priced restaurant for the quality of food you get – which was delicious. Continue reading

Nice – Old Instrument Exhibit

On Saturday afternoon E took me and S around la Vieille Ville (old town). We visited a cute cathedral and stopped for some yummy food, but we also visited an old manor that is currently housing and exhibit on old instruments. I LOVED it…wandering around excitedly and snapping photos of harps, harpsichords, hurdy gurdies (precursors to accordians), mandolins, and guitars. They had some amazing stuff in there. Continue reading

Nice Weekend

After coming down from the high of the CCD Concert, I didn’t think things could get any better. I was wrong, as my weekend trip to Nice was beyond wonderful. In retrospect, I pretty much took fall break that week, as I was so busy with the concert, a visit with a friend home, and my two trips. But no matter, it was enjoyable and I didn’t really fall behind on work.

After a relatively sleepless night, I stole out of the house and headed to the train station where I’d be meeting a friend. Continue reading

Oh but how the time does fly! Here I am, puttering along and letting blog posts get stacked up like there is no tomorrow! I know I disappeared there, but I also know you can forgive me. Just a heads up, to compensate for my laziness and lack of posts there is a serious flurry headed your way! So much to say! So many pictures to share! Posts may be on the less-detailed side, considering how much there is to say about everything, but fear not! There will be photos and stories a plenty! Some things to look forward to hearing about in the future are:

  • Normandie
  • Nice
  • The Drops Concert
  • Pastries – many many pastries!

Hope you all are having lovely weeks! It’s been oddly sunny and warm here in Paris and we are soaking it all up!